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Investec Group (IVTJF) H1 2024 Earnings Call Transcript

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Investec Group. (OTCPK:IVTJF) H1 2024 Earnings Conference Call November 16, 2023 4:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Fani Titi – Group CEO

Nishlan Samujh – Group Finance Director, CFO

Ruth Leas – CEO and Executive Director, Investec Bank plc

Richard Wainwright – CEO/Executive Director at Investec Bank

Conference Call Participants

Fani Titi

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I always love the zebras galloping along. It really is my pleasure to welcome you to this presentation of our interim results. I will be joined by what I call the A-team. Nishlan will follow me and he will go through the unpacking of the group performance. We will then have Ruth Leas, the Chief Executive of the business in the U.K., giving us a bit more of a feel of why the business has done as well as it has. And of course, Richard Wainwright, who will give us a feel of our South African business. That is the A-team.

So let me start. It is always pleasing to present a good set of results. Obviously, we have alerted the market to the fact that our performance will be good. And as you know, the backdrop has been particularly challenging with high inflation, high interest rates, volatility within markets, given some of the problems, particularly geopolitically. So it hasn’t been an easy environment to deliver the results. So on behalf of 7,400 of us, it is my absolute pleasure to present these results. And obviously, we will be joined by my colleagues.

So if you look at the graphic that we have on the screen, we try to manage the business over the long-term. It may be a six-month result presentation, but our focus is always on the long-term. And you can see that over the last three or four years, we have delivered consistent results that have


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